Direct Repo™

Representing a new paradigm in the repo market, Direct Repo™ expands the repo market and improves liquidity by directly aligning non-traditional cash providers and non-traditional collateral providers without the traditional primary dealer intermediation.

Through Direct Repo™, AVM Solutions provides greater financial incentives, better counterparty credit tools and improved technology, making end users much more willing to deal directly with one another. In Direct Repo™ cash and collateral providers interact as principals in the repo transaction.

Consider Direct Repo™ your outsourced repo sales force.

Traditional and Direct Repo Paradigm
Direct Repo™ at a Glance
  • Direct Repo™ is done over-the-counter and negotiated by AVM Solutions as agent
  • Direct Repo™ transactions are typically governed by industry standard Master Repurchase Agreements and Master Securities Lending Agreements
  • Direct Repo™ trades are usually done as DVP transactions
  • Going forward, Direct Repo™ may be transacted OTC or electronically on a trade matching platform
  • Direct Repo™ indicative rates are available to registered users on AVM's
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Jeff Kidwell
AVM Solutions Director, Head of Direct Repo

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Patrick Doyle
Head of Funding and Liquidity

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